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Did You Know?
  1. Igniism is the religion of Ignis, which envolves a lot of fire. Everyday, people with the religion of Igniism, called "Ignists," must pray in the morning, being surrounded by candles, or other sources of natural light.
  2. Timothus is home to the Timmies.
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Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Doo-dooville Gets Unkind Message from B-D-C Coalition

Once again, we get another complaint towards Doo-dooville, now this time from the B-D-C Coalition. Emperors Sanctus Demerita, Circum Crustum, and Crustulum Consparsio all have their own comebacks, Mr. Demerita saying, "Everyday, whenever I wake up, I smell a bad odor, mistaking as a fart of mine, but until I look out the window, probably fifteen miles away, I see . . . feces.", Mr. Crustum saying, "Every single time we have dessert at a restaurant, my seven-year-old son, Circum Crustum, Jr., always gets a donut — a chocolate donut, in fact — and once he gets it, after eating his first bite, he says to me, 'Daddy, why does this donut taste like poop?'", and, finally, Mr. Consparsio saying, "Well, every time our family goes on a trip to Doo-dooville, we usually get stuck in 'potty,' as my five-year-old son calls it, whose name is Crustulum Consparsio II, and, it took us at least three hours to get it off the road!" all in one meeting. Not only did these emperors insult Doo-dooville, but they also that "there should be a wall between Doo-dooville and the B-D-C Coalition." They even wanted the Animalian Empire to support them, but their emperor, Mr. Augustus Crusoe, and prime minister, Fuge, disagreed, Fuge remarking, "If one asks another to help them deal with a situation that is not good, the person who should deal with it must deal it themself."

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